Giving Back to Society

“Our True Acquisitions Lie Only In Our Charities; We Get Only As We Give”

At Bhagwanti International (HK) Limited we believe in giving back to the society and making a difference in the lives of people. Be it frequent visits to orphanages or spending quality time at old-age homes, our staff members leave no stone unturned when it comes to showing compassion and extending aid towards the disadvantaged. Mr. Puran L Jeswani, our Director, himself, is an active participant and contributor in the following organizations:

  • Guangdong Progressive Group
  • Guangdong Indian Community
  • Guangzhou Idea Exchange Forum
  • European-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Foshan Chamber of Commerce, and various other networking events.


In the end, we wouldn’t say that the ‘giving back’ part of Bhagwanti International (HK) is why most people employ our services, but we do think it does contribute to people resonating with what we are all about.

Visit to old age home