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Mr. Puran L. Jeswani attended the National Eye Donation Fortnight 2022

On 28th August 2022, Mr. Puran L. Jeswani attended the National Eye Donation Fortnight 2022 organized by DEESHA Group & D.E.F’s Deesha International Eye Bank held in Amravati, Mumbai (India). He addressed the invitees appreciating the group for their selfless efforts put in and utilizing the opportunity of working together for the noble cause. While concluding he thanked the Host Mr. Swapnil Arun Gawande, Managing Director, Deesha Medical & Education Foundation for inviting him and for his efforts towards the cause.

Puran L. Jeswani was invited as an eminent speaker at Amravati Chamber of Commerce

On  28th August 2022 Mr. Puran L. Jeswani was invited as an eminent speaker at Amravati Chamber of Commerce. He delivered the talk focusing on “ Business Opportunities between China & Amravati and Mumbai”, During the talk Mr. Jeswani highlighted many business opportunities in various sectors. Audience appreciated the ideas, they felt it was beneficial and significant to their business and growth journey in future. Amravati Chamber thanked Mr. Jeswani for sharing first experiences of business potential between Amravati/Mumbai and China.

Same day Mr. Puran L. Jeswani met Shri Sant Sai Rajeshlal Sahib, Mr. Nankram and the entire team for the making of the auspicious Shri Sant Kanwaram Dham and inauguration of the Bus in Amravati, Mumbai (India).

REDIO - Rescuing Every Distressed Indian Overseas

Pleasure to meet you yesterday. Had a great discussion. Definitely this meeting will be very fruitful. With your experience and guidance we can help many young entrepreneurs. Also immediately we will start working on EV project in our area. Need your and Krishnan sirs guidance and support.

Thank you for your valuable time


Mr Puran L. Jeswani & FIFC team met Minister Shri Jagdishbhai Vishwakarma (Panchal) Cottage Industries, Co-operation, Salt Industries, Protocol (Independent Charge), Industries, Forest, Environment and Climate Change, Printing and Stationary (State Minister) and discussed on EODB & Investment Opportunities

FIA welcomed MR PURAN L. JESWANI in Ahmedabad to have an interaction with Business community

Meeting with PORCHAM

On 22nd Jan 2022, Mr. Puran L. Jeswani on the invitation of PORCHAM (Portugal Chambers of Commerce of China) attended Annual meet at Kechuang 8 No Park, Haizhu Dist Guangzhou.  Dignitaries from Portugal consulate, various international chambers and local renowned folks of business representatives from Guangzhou and specially from The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) attended the mega annual feast. During the interaction and business network meeting, Mr. Jeswani apprised them about Bhagwanti International (HK) and China Trade Forum business activities and social initiatives. Further foreign attendees expressed their willingness to join their hands to work together in future. 

From left to right Mr. Kim, Dr.Harley Seydin Predient American Chambers of Commerce in South China, Mr. Purn L Jeswani   

While interacting with participants

Express New Year Greeting with Portugal Chambers of Chambers President Dario Silva

With Mr. Stephen Liu well known Social Entrepreneur based in Guangzhou 

Wishing Chinese New Year to  Mr. Li Haolin Chairman Guangzhou Tianlun Investment and his team 

Brief of Visit to Chentung Liang Cheng's Ancestral Home

On 15th January 2022, Mr. Puran L Jeswani paid visit to famous legend ancestral home of Sir Chentung  Liang Cheng is  founder of China’s Famous University “Qinghua University” in Beijing. Sir Chengfung Liang Cheng home in Huangpu, Guangzhou. Today this house has become historically significant. Chentung Liang Cheng, was a Chinese ambassador to the United States during the Qing dynasty. When the Qing dynasty fell, he retired to Huangpu village in Guangdong. This place has become research base to person of historical image.

While visit Mr. Jeswani held interaction with Liang Cheng extended family member and exchanged the view educational, historical affricates tie up and collaboration between India and China.  Before concluding his visit, Mr. Jeswani expressed greetings of Chinese New Year and congratulated family for maintaining and preserving Sir Liang Cheng legacy. 

            Brief of Sir Liang Cheng 

 Sir Liang Cheng home today serves the base of many cultural and historical research center 

       At Sir Liang Cheng Ancestral Home with Mr. Stephen Liu 

                        At the Entrance of Sir Liang Cheng Ancestral Home

                          Expressing Chinese New Years Greeting in tradiational way 

Welcome to Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club

Puran L. Jeswani

Global Ambassador
Commonwealth Enterpreneurs Club

Congrats and welcome to Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club to trade and collaborate within commonwealth countries to alleviate poverty through creating jobs.

Mobin Rafiq
Chairman Thece. club