Puran L. Jeswani

Mr. Puran L. Jeswani – Founder of the Bhagwanti International (HK) Limited Group – builds on an impressive heritage of pioneering success and growth. Over the years, Bhagwanti International (HK) Limited Group has created a niche for itself by fulfilling commodity requirements in India, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia, The Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Canada and some West African nations.  

Mr. Jeswani’s legacy and values guide our business every day, whilst at the same time, ensure that we can do business tomorrow. Connecting and simplifying trade to help our customers grow and thrive. A long-term thinker, Mr. Jeswani’s primary goal has always been helping people build a better tomorrow. He is deeply invested in the success of all his stakeholders- be it his clients, employees, the shareholders, or the communities where he operates. He believes in running his business with sustainable and responsible practices that drive long-term values.

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